Be Unique

TVC studio adds in comparative advantages and creates the value of collaboration

Specializing in entrepreneurship theory and the methodology of building ecosystem, mentors in TVC studio aim to help members be accustomed to the local market. Concurrently, with extensive experience of expanding global market, experts provide members of information on operating, culture, tax, and regulations. Also, ITRI possesses various interdisciplinary pilot productions, mensuration labs, and over 20 different kinds of technology including flexible electronics, laser, and nano pilot production labs. With these techniques, our application field coaching will enable startup teams to overcome the difficulties in maintaining quality and shorten the delivery time.

TVC Studio Action Plan

We focus on startups and create participants’ market value!

Studio X Story : Establishing a storytelling co-working space for startups

Selected startup teams are eligible to set foot in scenario studio. We provide entrepreneurs of a series of courses ranging from marketing insight to user experience (UX), which enable you learn by learning, learn by practicing and learn by innovating.

Taiwan Advantages : Leveraging comparative advantages of Taiwan

We invite Taiwanese entrepreneurs who are experienced in starting up and global cooperation as keynote Speakers. Also, TVC studio holds club salon and sport activities to stimulate the chemistry between startup teams.

Market Insight : Sharing the experience of expanding target market

Our startup business mentors are specialists in entrepreneurship theory, startup  ecosystem and oversea market expansion. Thus, members will get exposure to either domestic or oversea knowledge of market operating, culture, tax and regulations.